About People and Earth (2023)
Projection. More info here.
Týždeň slovenského filmu (2021)
Festival teaser. More info here.
Foolk - Resonance (2021)
Music video. Screened at Pukkelpop. More info here.
Summer premier (2021)
MOME University teaser. More info here​​​​​​​.
Dreams of Eden (2020)
AR installation. Full info here.
Poetika Anima (2018)
Director, writer, designer, animator. Full info & credits here.
GIF for cultural centre Bašta Bardejov in Slovakia
Animation, design: Kriss Sagan​​​​​​​
My sme les campaign (2019)
Direction, design: Kriss Sagan 
Animation: Lina Šuková, Kriss Sagan 
Script, sound design: My sme les
Spot for the Slovak student movie festival Áčko (2017)
Direction, design, animation: Kriss Sagan Music: Gábor Tokár
Projection mapping video for Pukkelpop festival. (2017)
Festival selection: PAF Olomouc, 4živly and MOHA. 
Výtvarná rozcvička so SNG (2021, SNG gallery), collaboration w/ Ové Pictures, animation 

SH_T HAPPENS (2019, dir. Dávid Štumpf, Michaela Mihályi), coloring
Thorns and Fishbones (2019, dir. Natália Azevedo Andrade), coloring
Livre Paris 2019, animation for Slovak stand, collaboration w/ Ové Pictures
Music Box (2018, dir. Joanna Kozuch), clean ups, coloring
Movers (2018, dir. Martin Smatana), layout design
Aúúna (2017, dir. Lina Šuková), animation
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