Dreams of Eden is a day-dreaming AR installation of acrylic paintings, an intuitive translation of the Four Stage Model of creativity, described by Graham Wallas. The five artworks manifest Kriss Sagan's personal thoughts and energy, playing with questions and answers related to her research study of creativity of the unconscious mind.

I feel truly happy and nourished when I can dive into the creative process, perceive the colours and subtle movements of a brushstroke when painting. Augmented reality is a great opportunity to combine my analog passion and digital skills and further develop communication of my thoughts and ideas in the exciting contemporary way by expanding the physical artworks with the layers of animation and sound.

Dreams of Eden is an augmented reality installation based on my diploma research of Creativity of the Unconscious Mind, elaborating on conscious and unconscious processes or individual and collective creativity. The project is inviting the viewer to engage with sometimes psychedelic-like experiences offered by Augmented Reality, harmonised with the presence of the colour and texture of acrylic paintings on a bigger canvas.

Visitors choose the order, pace and directions of viewing the artworks with their smartphones, allowing the visual symbols and animations to create a story on their own. Individual screening also brings the layer of sound to the installation space, which in case of more visitors makes Dreams of Eden an interactive project, not only embracing individual but collective creation, too.
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