Poetika Anima
2018, 5 min. 
Poetika Anima is an animated lyrical poem about a woman transforming her disheartenment within the fluid space-time. 
Combination of analog textures and digital animation in TvPaint. 
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Abstract digital animation created for big screen projection at Pukkelpop festival in Belgium.
Pukkelpop 2017, Belgium
PAF Olomouc 2018, Czech Republic
4 živly 2018, Slovakia
International Film Festival Bratislava 2018, Slovakia
2107, 8 min.
„It’s a story about our solitude. About understanding and overcoming the fear. Of its accepting… It’s about dancing in the wind. Listening to the voice of the trees. About flowing with the river as one. About the Sun in our hearts when the sky is covered up with clouds of sadness. About our soul being as astoundingly big as a forest where each living soul has its own place. It’s about welcoming and being frolic with what we so feared of… Because we didn’t understand it yet.“
Director: Lina Sukova
Animation: Lina Sukova, Kristina Saganova, Katarina Kocanova

Direction and digital animation of teaser for student film festival Áčko.

Result of the workshop of 3D object mapping organised by Euranim at Video Mapping Festival in Lille, France. Animations created by students of The Animation Workshop, MOME, Plymouth University & VŠMU.

   Gravitation animation. Short excercise.

Anibits project
Experimental stopmotion short videos are focusing on animation on music.

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