2018 Poetika Anima is my bachelor movie. For more information please visit this page.

2019 GIF commision for cultural centre „Bašta“ in Slovak town Bardejov. Animation, design.

2019 Direction, visual design and animation for My Sme Les (eng. We are the forest) Script & sound design: My sme les, Design: Kriss Sagan, Animation: Kriss Sagan, Lina Šuková

2017 Direction and animation of a commisioned festival spot for the student festivl Fest Áčko. Direction, design, animation: Kriss Sagan, Music: Gábor Tokár

2017 Projection mapping video for Pukkelpop festival. Selected for festival PAF Olomouc, 4 živly and MOHA.

2017 Animation excerpts from student movie Aúúúna dir. Lina Šuková

2019 The End (dir. M.Mihalyi, D. Štumpf), coloring

2019 Animation created for the Slovak stand at the book fair Livre Paris 2019. Architecture: Palo Choma a Martin Kubina Art & Direction: Ové Pictures Animation: Ové Pictures, Kriss Sagan, Lukáš Figeľ, Matej Babic, Ľudmila Fatrsíková a Peter Martinka.

2017 The Movers (dir. Martin Smatana), layout design, more here
2018 Music Box dir. Joanna Kozuch, line and color